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Why choose ceramic & porcelain for your home?

Choosing ceramic & porcelain for bathrooms or kitchens, and maybe the foyer is a very common expectation for these materials. They are extremely water-resistant and do an excellent job in all of these spaces. However, when it comes to considering these materials for other areas of the home, especially in colder climates, many homeowners wonder what the benefit would be in doing such a thing. The truth is, there are many benefits, and they can be utilized throughout your entire home.

Juxtapose Flooring & Interiors is proud to serve the areas of Longmont, Fort Collings, Loveland, Greeley, and Westminster, and we’d love to help you find your perfect flooring as well. We can take your list of requirements and match them to the characteristics of these materials with ease. To find out how, visit us at our Longmont, CO showroom where our associates are standing by.
Ceramic tile flooring in Broomfield, CO from Juxtapose Flooring & Interiors
Ceramic & porcelain are often thought of as if they were the same product. It’s true that they are very much alike in many ways, but some of their differences set them apart enough to make one a better option for your uses than the other. For instance, porcelain is made of high-quality materials that create a through-body color, creating excellent pieces for rustic and old-fashioned decor designs. Some homeowners even leaven them unglazed to take advantage of the natural, gritty slip-resistance. Ceramic is usually coated in liquid glass glazes that lead to some of the most unique and artistic floor designs in flooring.

Porcelain has the added benefit of being frost-resistant; so many homeowners use it in outdoor spaces. But both have an amazing level of durability that really works in homes with lots of heavy traffic, or that has pets and children. It’s no coincidence that so many businesses and commercial settings make use of tile. This kind of durability can really safeguard their investment, just as it will in your home, protecting against scuffs, scratches, chips, and fading.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our fast and efficient flooring installation with regard to ceramic & porcelain tiles. As dense and hard as they are, they can easily be broken if the wrong tools or techniques are used on them. What’s more, with a professional installation, you’ll only pay for the amount of product installed in your home and not a penny more. We think that’s definitely a deal worth making.

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